Trial Courses Available

Changing training suppliers can be a huge undertaking with the logistics involved, so it’s understandable if you’re keen to stick with what you have in place… even if you know it’s not quite ticking all your boxes.

That’s why we offer a Try-Before-You-Commit trial course (or courses) as standard practice. It gives you the opportunity to see if changing suppliers is worth the time and effort.



Here’s how one of our clients successfully used a trial:


This social care provider got in touch to ask about the trial.

Are we a fit?

We had a conversation to ensure that we could offer everything they need for their Mandatory training across the business.


They told us what was most urgent – in this case it was Makaton. They needed to bring in a new resident into a care home, but the staff required training in Makaton to support the new resident.

Set Up

We urgently set up the Makaton course for this client, delivered the following week. Our easy pricing meant it was just £695 for up to 12 of their staff to attend at a venue they chose. We sent over a trial agreement outlining everything they could expect from us and mapping out success criteria.

Training Delivery

We delivered the training and had amazing feedback, including feedback passed along from the learners.

Feedback & Next Steps

Following up, we had a feedback call to discuss the successful trial. On that call, delighted with the feedback received from their staff, together we began to plan for the migration of all topics to be delivered by Knights Absorb.

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