Designing a training programme for employees

An effective employee training programme can have wide-ranging benefits for your business. But how do you go about building one? Here are the key steps to follow for maximum success.

Identifying your training goals

The first step in designing a training programme for employees is to identify your goals. After all, you can’t measure success if you don’t know what it looks like. When pinning down your training goals, factor in the following:

  • Business goals: Your overarching business objectives will be a key driver behind your training programme. If they’re clearly defined, then you already have the foundations of your training programme in place. If they’re not clearly defined, consult with your senior leadership team. If you engage your leaders in your training strategy, it’s far more likely to be a success.
  • Challenges facing your business: Training can help overcome a multitude of challenges, ranging from skill gaps to absence rates and staff turnover. So keep the bigger picture in mind and don’t underestimate just how many obstacles can be overcome through the effective use of employee training. Identify what could be holding your business back, and use this to form the second building block of your strategy.

Identifying your legal obligations

While some courses are important in helping your business grow, others may be necessary as part of your legal duty of care. This means you will need to carry out a risk assessment and factor these risks into your employee training programme. Find out more in our article What staff training is mandatory and legally required for my business?

Converting your goals into training topics

So you know what you want to achieve – now it’s time to identify topics that will help you get there. Break each of your goals down into training subjects. If you’re finding this difficult, it may help to consult a training provider.

Training companies can suggest specific courses that are likely to get you the results you need. For example, if one of the major challenges facing your business is employee stress, your staff may benefit from time management training. Alternatively, it may be that your managers would benefit from additional coaching to support their team more effectively. This is where a specialist may be able to help. If you’d like to learn more about how Knight’s Agency can support you in developing your strategy, get in touch.

Identifying your training delivery methods

Traditional learning methods include classroom sessions, workshops and one-to-one training. These can be provided using in-house resources or via external training agencies. You may also want to consider methods such as distance learning/e-learning, shadowing, peer-to-peer training and even Virtual Reality training. When deciding which methods to use, key factors will include:

  • Your employees’ skills and expertise
  • Location of your employee population
  • Accessibility and any special requirements
  • Budget and time resources

It may sound obvious, but consulting your employees about which learning methods to use could provide valuable insight. Once you’ve identified your methods, you can set priorities and allocate budget.

Measuring the outcome

Outcome measures are often overlooked but are vital in proving success and informing your future training strategy. What you measure, and how you measure it, should depend on your original training goals. Some companies use the Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation. Kirkpatrick measures are:

Reaction: The degree to which participants find the training engaging and relevant.

Learning: The degree to which participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence and commitment.

Behaviour: The degree to which participants apply what they learned.

Results: The degree to which targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training.

How we can help

Knight’s Agency can assist you in designing a training programme for employees. It may be that you’re just laying the foundations of your plan, or you may already know which courses you want, and how you want them to be delivered. Either way, our training experts can help you take the next steps towards training excellence. Get in touch via the form below or call us on 0207 112 8412.

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Four Seasons Healthcare Group

We had an urgent need to provide training in Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) across our business as a result of the challenges experienced during the first critical months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Knights Absorb worked with us to define a training solution that could be delivered in a ‘Covid-Safe’ manner that would enable us to reach our teams at our target sites within a tight time frame. They trained 277 of our team members across a 6 week period, providing the reassurance we needed to keep our teams and residents safe as well ensuring we were meeting regulatory requirements. The trainers were professional and sensitive to the needs of our homes at all times, and the feedback from everyone who attended the training has been fantastic.

United Response

Knights are now our preferred provider. The quality of training that Knights provides is exceptional. When it comes to Customer Service, Knights excel, in the many years of partnering with multiple companies, Knights are head and shoulders above the rest. Never phased by challenges that clients provide, Knights naturally deal with the issues, assess the need and make the correct decision for the customer. This is not to say they bend over or wilt when challenged, quite the opposite, they seem to scope issues and resolve them efficiently, a customer service ethic that is quite rare. Keep up the good work guys, it is noticed and appreciated.


Knights don’t use generic trainers but find the best trainer for the course and client. The trainers are specialists in their fields and have practitioner experience which I feel is always important when delivering to staff. Trainers discuss our needs before attending training and revise training to meet specific needs.


Knights have personalised courses to meet our learning and development needs. As predominately a learning disability/Autism provider we require trainers and courses that reflect these specific needs and Knights have delivered on this. All courses have met our requirements fully

Modus Care

Knights Training are an organisation that are easy to work with, reliable, operate a competitive straight forward pricing structure, offer an impressive range of courses and employ good quality trainers who have expert subject knowledge, certainly an organisation that I would recommend.